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Our pricing is designed to be flexible and simple, with a free tier that includes all basic features and the ability to upgrade if and when you need.

$0/ month
For most non-business users with all the essential features needed to create and share polls.
  • Unlimited polls
  • Unlimited questionnaires
  • Unlimited votes
  • Date and time polls
  • Anonymous polls
  • Non-anonymous polls
  • Much more (see below)
$6.99/ month
For small businesses and groups who require additional features and priority support.
  • All free features
  • Ad-free polls (up to 5000 participants per month)
  • Detailed poll result export
  • Contact lists for invitations
  • Multiple votes per browser (up to 5000 votes per month)
  • Ask participants for email
  • Integrating interactive polls and questionnaires into your website
  • Priority support
Price on request
For large organizations with complex needs and dedicated account management.
  • All premium features
  • Completely ad-free
  • Unlimited multiple votes per browser
  • White labeling solution
  • Custom domain
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated account management


Breakdown of featuresFreePremiumEnterprise
Unlimited single-question polls
Create as many single-question polls as you need without any restrictions or limits.
Unlimited multi-question surveys
Create surveys with multiple questions combining different question types with no limits.
Unlimited votes and questionnaire answers
Unrestricted polling and questionnaire responses without any limits.
Anonymous and non-anonymous polls
Create both anonymous and non-anonymous polls, depending on your needs and preferences.
Date and time polls
Schedule meetings and events by creating date and time polls with our integrated calendar view and time period picker.
Predefined standard answers
A set of predefined answers that can be quickly and easily added to a poll or questionnaire, saving time and ensuring consistency across responses.
Single and multi-selection polls
Create polls with options to choose one or more answers.
Minimum and maximum selection settings
Set a minimum and maximum number of options that respondents can choose when answering your poll.
Star rating polls
Create star rating polls to gather feedback or opinions from participants on a scale of one to five stars.
Opinion measurement polls
Create opinion measurement polls to measure sentiment on a topic using a slider in Opinion Gauge.
Limiting how many participants can select a particular answer option
Useful for distributing tasks or scheduling group appointments.
Adding new answers by participants
Allow participants to contribute their own answers to the poll.
Open question polls
Allow participants to freely express their thoughts and opinions through open-ended questions in your polls.
Images and links
Enhance your polls with images and links to provide more context and engage your audience.
Engage with participants and gather feedback through comment sections on your polls.
Unique links for sharing polls and questionnaires
Share your poll or questionnaire with unique links, which ensures that only those with the link can access it, eliminating the need for password protection.
Voting deadline
Set a deadline for voting to encourage timely participation and ensure prompt results.
Voting pause, resume and stop
Pause, resume, or stop voting in your poll at any time, giving you full control over the duration of your poll.
Poll results visibility control
Manage the visibility of your poll results with customized options, such as deciding who can view the results and when (e.g., before or after voting).
Poll and vote amendment
Edit and modify your polls and votes anytime.
Vote on behalf for admins
Admins can vote on behalf of others, making it easier to manage polls and ensure that everyone's vote is counted.
Poll reset
Start over by resetting the poll to its original state, allowing for a fresh round of voting without sharing a new poll link.
Poll duplication
Easily create new polls with similar questions or settings by duplicating an existing poll.
Fraud protection
Protect your polls from fraud with built-in fraud prevention mechanisms such as anti-robot verification and limiting voting to one per IP address.
Participation with unique codes
Enable participation with unique codes for added security and control over who can vote or access the poll.
Access from multiple devices
Manage polls from any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
Real time updates
Stay up-to-date with instant results and real-time updates as participants vote on your poll.
Vote notifications
Stay informed with real-time vote notifications directly to your mobile device via our app.
Visualize voting progress with a poll history chart, allowing you to track participant engagement over time.
Color settings for answers
Customize answer colors to match your brand or preference.
Monthly ad-free participant quota
Give participants a seamless and distraction-free voting experience.
Detailed poll result export
Export and analyze detailed poll results in various formats for further insights.
Contact lists for invitations
Create and manage contact lists to easily invite participants to your poll or questionnaire.
Multiple votes per browser
Allows for multiple participants to vote on a single device, which is particularly useful in scenarios such as conducting surveys on the street with a tablet.
Ask participants for email
Collect participant emails for follow-up, which can be especially helpful if you don't have their contact information already.
Integrating interactive polls and questionnaires into your website
Enhance your website with interactive polls and questionnaires using copied iframe code for increased engagement.
Priority support
Faster and more personalized customer support from the company's support team.
White labeling solution
Allows to customize the appearance of the poll, survey or questionnaire to match company's branding or specific needs.
Custom domain
Personalized domain name (e.g., for hosting and sharing polls and questionnaires.
Custom integrations
Connect the poll platform with other tools and systems, such as CRM or marketing automation software.
Dedicated account management
Dedicated account manager who is responsible for managing your account and providing personalized support and assistance for your needs.

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